Halloween greetings from NATO

This is how the defenders of this system of greed want to greet their foes this Halloween:

Indeed, it’s easy to tell who’s the terrorist.


Gaddafi’s Body On Display In Meat Store Freezer

[VIDEO]: Bloodied Gaddafi pleads for mercy

[Global Research]: NATO, Al Qaeda Militia Killed Gaddafi

Filipinos vent dismay over PGT Season 3 results on Twitter

The final showdown at ABS-CBN’s talent show Pinoy Got Talent (PGT) was the top trending topic (#PGTgrandfinals) on Twitter worldwide Sunday evening, well, not in a good way.

Fans who watched PGT Season 3’s finale tweeted their dismay over the results, with some netizens noting how the talent show has become merely a singing contest.

Maasinhon Trio took home the Season 3, joining other singers in the roster of PGT grand winners (Season 1: Jovit Baldovino, Season 2: Marcelito Pomoy).

RT @jpobar: #PGTgrandfinals Majority of Filipinos are dissatisfied with the result! Kris Aquino was shocked when she opened the final result envelop.
October 23, 2011
#PGT is not really about the talent but the voting power. Kaya kung wala kang pangload, hindi mananalo ang bet mo.#PGTGrandFinals
October 23, 2011
HAHAHA RT @thevideokequeen: kaya di na in-announce sinong 2nd and 3rd.at may delay sa pagbigay ng envelope.in shock din yung prod staff.pak!
October 23, 2011
When Sir FMG announced Maasinhontrio as the pgt3 champ d crowd was like”oh” even the hosts cant believe it.#Elgammapenumbra#pgtgrandfinals
October 23, 2011
RANDOM TRIVIA: PGT1 – JOVIT – one voice PGT2 – MARCELITO – two voices PGT3 – MAASINHON TRIO – three voices #pgtgrandfinals #maasinhontrio
October 23, 2011
RT @neilUturn: season1 solo- jovit season2 duo – marcelito season3 trio – maasinhon trio season4 – quartet naman!! |> LITO LAPID: Fourplets
October 23, 2011
Justin Bieber fans are furious. They’re asking who #PGTGrandFinals is & why it overtook them on Twitter’s trending topics worldwide
October 23, 2011
mas maganda pa kumanta yung #APO dapat sinali din nila sa #PGTgrandfinals waa kwenta! bv much!
October 23, 2011
NATAWA ako. RT @SuperSarit: itatapat ata ng ASAP ang Maasinhon Trio sa La Diva (ng Party Pilipinas). Matinding showdown ito.
October 23, 2011
PGT means Pilipinas Got Textvotes! #PGTgrandfinals
October 23, 2011
I’m still disappointed that El Gamma Penumbra didn’t make it. Sayang, ‘di umabot kahit sa top 3. Bihira pa naman ako bumoto. #PGTgrandfinals
October 23, 2011
Disappointed with the result of #PGTgrandfinals. WTF!
October 23, 2011
i maybe disappointed but i’m intelligent enough to accept the result w/o blaming the the show the hosts the judges, #PGTgrandfinals
October 23, 2011
BREAKING NEWS: Bottom 3 daw yung na-announce kanina sa PGT 3.. Mali ang nabasa ng judges.. Hahahaha #PGTgrandfinals
October 23, 2011
Just Got Home from the Party, and I’m really disappointed with the result of the #PGTgrandfinals! I didn’t (cont) http://t.co/GwGxbHRs
October 23, 2011
#PGTgrandfinals —Kung Twitter Trending lng ang Batayan walang Duda sana ang resulta…. ://
October 23, 2011
Worst batch of #PGTgrandfinals
October 23, 2011

Impunity kills at Keppel

Keppel accident

(Photo, which was taken by a Keppel worker, was obtained from the independent fact-finding team)

First published on Blogwatch.ph

Inside the 77-hectare Subic shipyard special economic zone (SEZ) in Zambales, impunity is the next deadliest thing to falling stern ramps and wobbly scaffoldings.

Early this month, six workers were crushed to death while seven were seriously injured as a 166.5-ton stern ramp collapsed in Singaporean-owned Keppel Subic Shipyard Inc.Based on the report of an independent fact-finding mission by the non-government organizations near the site and among victims’ families, the workers died a horrible death: arms and legs were cut off, abdomen was crushed, and faces were severely damaged. One worker even had his head severely injured, with his skull exposed. Workers interviewed during the mission said that there could be more casualties than what was officially reported.

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Staying foolish as Apple workers stay hungry

Saying RIP to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is fine. But thanking the man for your iPod and Iphone? That sounds like thanking the zombies for the rice that you eat.

That’s the strange part of some fan’s reactions to the passing of the multi-billionaire. Which goes to show that this consumerist world has made people materialistic rather than materialist. The former is someone who wallows in delight of having a pricey Apple gadget. The latter looks at Apple sweatshops and workers’ suicides, fully understanding that it is not Jobs who assembled the iPad but the army of underpaid workers being forced to work until death.

Stay foolish. Stay hungry.


Apple’s Chinese workers treated ‘inhumanely, like machines’

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You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad factories forced to sign pledges