PHOTOS: UP Lantern Parade 2012

Below are my photos from this year’s University of the Philippines (UP) Lantern Parade, taken using a 5MP camera phone.

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In the eyes of a Pinoy Instagramer


Twenty-something John Henry works as a regular nurse in a private hospital in Balayan, Batangas. But in today’s growing world of Instagram and phone photography (or phoneography), he is one of  the rising “Instagramers”.

Casting sunsets, beatles and street scenes in provoking textures and perspective, @Dearjohn26_pf_gi (his username on Instagram) has earned himself a reputable name in the photo-sharing platform.  Would you believe that his knack for phone photography brought him up close and personal to celebrity Georgina Wilson?

Unlike filter-happy IGers who would want colors altered,  @Dearjohn26_pf_gi would go for natural enhancement, as characterized by the vibrant colors in his photo set. Yes, his photos look stunning sans the usual filters!

Below are some of his amazing shots and my online interview with him:


Q: When did you start using Instagram? How did you learn about Instagram?

A: I started using Instagram in November last year, so it has been a year now. And i learned to use IG from my co-nurses at the hospital.

Q: What mobile device do you use for IG?

A: I don’t really have my own device way back then. I used to borrow from my aunt and friends’ IOS device just to upload my photos. Last March, I bought my friend’s iTouch 4th gen. Recently I upgraded my device and I’m currently using my iPhone 4S.

sunset bay

Q: Do you have any background training on digital photography?

A: I dont have any trainings or background in digital photography.

Q: What are your basic IG techniques? Any preferred filters/ filter combination?

A: My IG technique? Uhm.. You mean style? I go for random. I like to try everything. I go for HDR, minimalism, macroshots, portraits depending on my mood. Right now, I’m doing a sunset series.

I don’t usually use any IG filters. But if I have to use one, probably it will be LO-FI. From the photography applications, I normally use snapspeed.

sunset beach

Q: Have you joined/ won any online contest? How does it feel to be part of it?

A: Yeah. I have always been so competitive when it comes to contests. Haha. I’ve won movie tickets, electronic gift certificates, and recently, an overnight stay to Manila Peninsula for 2 from igersmanila and Ayala contest. I’ve also been a part of Globe’s exclusive photowalk in which, if i am lucky enough, one or more of my photo may be included in the exhibit this nov.30-dec1. And lastly, I’ve got the chance to take photos of portrait sitters namely Georgina Wilson, Liz Uy and Bea Soriano along with 5 more instagramers. In which my photo may have the chance to be featured in the December-January issue of Preview magazine! And as you can see, I am happy to be part of this.

I am also currently a member of various IG circles, including pakwan family, photocanvas artist, and genginsapgan.

model Philippines

Q: Despite the wide range of subjects you have taken photos of, what else do you want to capture with IG?

A: I want to capture underwater subjects, haha. Which is not impossible today since the accessory is a little bit expensive, Haha.