Impunity kills at Keppel

Keppel accident

(Photo, which was taken by a Keppel worker, was obtained from the independent fact-finding team)

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Inside the 77-hectare Subic shipyard special economic zone (SEZ) in Zambales, impunity is the next deadliest thing to falling stern ramps and wobbly scaffoldings.

Early this month, six workers were crushed to death while seven were seriously injured as a 166.5-ton stern ramp collapsed in Singaporean-owned Keppel Subic Shipyard Inc.Based on the report of an independent fact-finding mission by the non-government organizations near the site and among victims’ families, the workers died a horrible death: arms and legs were cut off, abdomen was crushed, and faces were severely damaged. One worker even had his head severely injured, with his skull exposed. Workers interviewed during the mission said that there could be more casualties than what was officially reported.

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