Staying foolish as Apple workers stay hungry

Saying RIP to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is fine. But thanking the man for your iPod and Iphone? That sounds like thanking the zombies for the rice that you eat.

That’s the strange part of some fan’s reactions to the passing of the multi-billionaire. Which goes to show that this consumerist world has made people materialistic rather than materialist. The former is someone who wallows in delight of having a pricey Apple gadget. The latter looks at Apple sweatshops and workers’ suicides, fully understanding that it is not Jobs who assembled the iPad but the army of underpaid workers being forced to work until death.

Stay foolish. Stay hungry.


Apple’s Chinese workers treated ‘inhumanely, like machines’

Is Apple working workers to death?

You are NOT allowed to commit suicide: Workers in Chinese iPad factories forced to sign pledges

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