Lacierda and Valte’s tweets on the Sept. 19 transport strike

If the tweets Edwin Lacierda (@dawende) and Abigail Valte (@abi_valte) would be an indication, this government is getting more arrogant by the day. Not to mention that it is turning to Twitterverse to vent its cheap shots.

Noticed how leftists are so onion-skinned? Tinawag lang perjuicio ang strike, pumputok ang butchi nila! Mahilig bumanat pero mga pikon pala!
September 19, 2011
Isn’t Lacierda’s logic of automatically labeling critics as “leftists” the same fascist mindset of the Arroyo regime? Such is the symptom of a regime increasingly drawing flak for its anti-people policies.  
Whether they would admit it or not, the PISTON-led transport strike is a dud!
September 19, 2011
Mr. Palace spokesperson, the performance of your boss Noynoy Aquino is a dud! Only promises and pleasantries, no concrete measures to contain oil firms’ greedy profiteering.
Number of people affected by strike: 16 RT @nerveending: uy, naapektuhan din ako; hirap pumasok kanina. Traffic sa Cubao.
September 19, 2011
Number of people who tweeted me about: 1)removing VAT on oil; 2)repealing Oil Dereg Law; 3)complaints about gov’t inaction on the strike–6
September 19, 2011
I don’t know what Valte is trying to prove here with her mini-survey. Was she trying to prove that many were stranded because of strike? I thought the Palace said that “very, very few” were affected?
In any case, I strongly recommend that Palace officials should listen more to the message of protest on the streets rather than tallying tweets. 
Please tweet @abi_valte if you think oil overpricing and non-stop oil price hikes are the greater “perwisyo” to the people.
September 18, 2011
@kilusangmayouno we should ask the passengers to pass judgment on that. Please tweet @kilusangmayouno if naabala kayo ng strike.
September 18, 2011
Here, Valte proves that Palace isn’t taking critical tweets lightly. It can actually call for a counter-tweet! Sinong onion-skinned ngayon? 



Update: The furor over Lacierda’s tweets made it to the news:

Palace spokesperson draws flak from pinoy netizens



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