It’s about social justice, stupid

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The mounting clamor for a significant wage increase has pushed the President to demonstrate his mastery of economic theories. The lingering issue, on the contrary, has also exposed that he does not know anything about social justice.

Prices of almost everything – from toothpaste to gasoline – are soaring at unprecedented levels. A yawning gap between meager wages and the cost of living continues to widen. His people are starving – actually more and more of them based on the latest hunger survey by the Social Weather Station. Prevailing average wages in the country are actually lower than the highest minimum wage based on government data.

In the face of all these, what statement could be more heartless than pegging an inflation benchmark as precondition for raising wages? Surely, President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III impressed his neoliberal mentors and foreign investors with that economic hao-tsao dressed as economic doctrine.

Equally skilled at delivering the businesses’ line against significant wage hike is the three-headed mouthpiece at the Palace. Somehow, it surprises me to hear presidential spokespersons Ricky Carandang, Edwin Lacierda and Herminio Coloma talk about inflationary pressures with the wisdom and tone of mainstream economists. On second thoughts though, it isn’t that hard for presidential spokespersons to imbibe corporate logic with the array of bourgeois compradors and business executives lining key government positions.

But I would say hearing Manolo Quezon speak about wage-price correlation would be too much, okay?

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