On PAL pilots’ resignation

airplaneAt least 11 Philippine Airlines (PAL) flights on Saturday were cancelled after several pilots of the flag carrier resigned. PAL officials said the pilots who resigned already applied for a job in other airlines.  (See news article here)

Why did they resign? Lucio Tan’s PAL has been implementing various anti-labor schemes among its 7,000+ workforce. It has been said that PAL pilots’ demand for better wages and more decent working arrangements are utterly denied by the company.

Now Kapitan Lucio is planning to file charges against those pilots who resigned to look for a better job. This is ridiculous!

PAL Statement on Resignation of Pilots

Philippine Airlines regrets the decision of some of its pilots to accept job offers abroad, causing the disruption of PAL’s flight schedules due to inadequate flight deck crew to fly the Airbus A320 airplanes.

The indiscriminate resignation of the A320 pilots for flying jobs whose salaries PAL is unable to match, is in violation of their contracts with PAL as well as with pertinent government regulations that require resigning pilots to give PAL six months to train their replacements.

PAL will soon be filing appropriate charges against those pilots who chose not to report for work immediately after submitting resignation letters. Most of the pilots still owe PAL the cost of their aviation school training, which run into millions of pesos per pilot.

PAL is currently adjusting its schedules by merging some flights or upgrading the aircraft to a bigger type in order to lessen the inconvenience to affected passengers. For update on flight status, passengers may call the PAL hotline 855-8888 or 855-9999.

Good thing that a passenger understands the plight of the pilots and other PAL employees. [Read Stranded PAL passenger sympathizes with pilots]


2 thoughts on “On PAL pilots’ resignation

  1. maybe mang lucio thought that those pilots are like the ordinary workers in his cigarette and beer manufacturing plants. they can do a walkout and most people wont mind (some would even rejoice) the absence of cigars and beers on the stalls. but if the pilots do the walkout, it would a national news item. na highlight tuloy ang mga ULP.

    • salamat ched sa komento sa entry na to 🙂

      dapat lang ma-highlight ang unfair labor practices.. at dapat matakot ang mga kumpanya na tularan ang mga abusadong iskema ni Lucio Tan.

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