A glimpse: The insanity feared by many

Indeed, sitting on the hot seat as President-elect can squeeze out multi-personalities, as what Noynoy Aquino showed. He gave journalists – and the whole world – a small piece of Estrada’s humor and a dash of Arroyo’s arrogance wrapped with sister Kris Aquino’s “taray” projection in yesterday’s press conference after his proclamation in the joint session.

Some of Noynoy’s arrogant lines during the presscon were circulated almost real-time in the online world via tweets, such as “I’m not a jukebox who’ll just repeat everything you want”  and “I haven’t  taken any official action but they’re already protesting.”

“He is answering with conviction, appealing for reason. Makes sense,” tweeted Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs head.

But then again, body language holds more truth than speech. As in the case of Noynoy, his awkward poses yesterday gave the entire world a piece of his widely suspected insanity:

Captured: The insanity feared by many (picture grabbed from ANC's report)


Of course, a President shouldn’t be judged based merely on (awkward) facial expressions. A sober post on the prospects of the Filipino people under Noynoy’s administration to follow.


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