P22 (wage hike): Mickey mouse money

During the Japanese occupation, the colonial government issued what Filipinos called “Mickey Mouse money” (or play money), since the money was almost worthless. (the Philippine peso back then was overwhelmingly devalued).

Now, the Arroyo administration, in its last two minutes, is giving out another “Mickey Mouse money” to workers. It recently announced the passage of the P22 wage increase for Metro Manila workers. That means a P20 bill plus two one peso coins. In real terms, however, it practically means nothing. P22 can’t do so much to bridge the yawning gap between eroded incomes and rising cost of living.

Literally and figuratively, P22 is "Mickey Mouse Money!"


>Independent think-tank IBON Foundation labeled the P22 wage hike in NCR as the smallest in real terms under the Arroyo regime.


3 thoughts on “P22 (wage hike): Mickey mouse money

    • Lumalanding naman, pero as expected hindi gaano sa TV kasi wala pang concrete action. Madalas mainterview ang KMU sa radyo tungkol sa P22 dagdag-sahod. Main story din kahapon sa abs-cbnnews.com. Sa print, lumalanding din. Sa TV, may landing kanina sa QTV, kahapon sa 24 oras.

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