Birthday Hour

A blast of thunder woke me up yesterday, as if it was heaven’s way of greeting me on my 22nd birthday (and nature’s way to say that summer is officially over). In some ways, it was an omen for the birthday blues I dealt with the whole morning – feelings of emptiness, disorientation and guilt tossed into an orgy which caused gastric acids to rise up to my throat.

But that was until Tine (my girlfriend) and I decided to have a lunch date somewhere in the southern part of the metro, though it was not really a nice meet-up expected on a birthday. It was not a talk laced with the usual niceties and verbal banter. It was purely about honest feelings.

After letting her discuss her psychoanalytic report on my birthday blues (Yes she is good at it most of the time), I pointed out what was really hurting me. It was about our shortcomings on the relationship and our failure to consciously set conditions for its further growth. On the positive side, we were able to thresh out the root issues and had extra time to talk about political work. We enthusiastically talked about the May 10 elections and the results, probably too emphatic at times that a good friend overheard us saying “alliance work.”

She claimed in her blog that she failed big time yesterday. I beg to disagree. While she had no gift or surprise for me, the simple fact that she spent time with me before heading to the House of Representatives for the canvassing was a gift in itself. After all, spending a little time with her over lunch was all I wished for my birthday (I think that will be my perennial wish).

What more should I ask other than time? What more should I ask other than Tine?


I still can’t believe I have written this mushy piece. Hehe. Oh well, it comforts me to think that she taught me how to. 🙂


One thought on “Birthday Hour

  1. Sobrang cheezy! Belated happy birthday! Sana ay patuloy kang maging masaya sa patuloy na paglilingkod sa bayan! Tiwala akong papatunayan mong patuloy ring marubdob ang pagmamahal mo sa bayan, na pwede kang maging ganito ka-senti pero bakal ang gulugod mo sa paglilingkod! Mabuhay!

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