From Multiply and beyond

I never thought I was actually blogging when I used my Multiply site to vent out criticisms of major political events or to narrate experiences inside the university. Initially, I considered such  almost daily exercise as part of maintaining sanity – letting my cramped mind breathe.  But later on, it became a muscle-flexing exercise for propaganda work. Nothing personal could be shielded from the political, the often-used expression among activist circles finally sank in during my junior year.

I am not really at ease with using the word “blogging” to describe this exercise, for such concept has long been degraded by junkie bloggers who blab about everything under the sun. But in the absence of another word, I’ll just say that I am “blogging” again with an effort to be relevant to the greater community outside the blogosphere.

So why chrocarlos? This blog was initially intended for my Philippine Online Chronicles articles (thus Chronicles of Carlos — chrocarlos). Why blog again? To maximize “democratic spaces” for politically significant musings as long as I am online. For whom? Not for me, but for you.


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