ConCon: New beat to an old dance

Philippine Online Chronicles
Published 23 November 2009

Christmas is once again up in the air. And so is Charter change. With barely a month before Congress goes into a break for the holiday season, a bill seeking to amend the Constitution through a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) made it to the House plenary last Nov. 18, only a step away from being endorsed to the Senate.

Sponsored by La Union Rep. Victor Ortega, House Bill 6975 calls for the election of delegates to the convention that will propose amendments to the1987 Constitution. The convention was initially proposed to take place simultaneously with the presidential election in May, but the House panel on constitutional amendments later agreed to hold it simultaneously with the barangay elections on Oct. 25, 2010.

With the adoption of Con-Con, critics said the Cha-cha tune is once again revived, ready to go full blast anytime soon. Bayan Muna Rep. Teodoro Casiño said in an article “the House is now taking two approaches to pursue Cha-cha.” Arroyo allies in Congress formerly preferred the Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) resolution, which was railroaded in June and has since been stuck at the House of Representatives as it faced huge opposition from different sectors. Now that Con-Con is apparently racing with time before the 2010 elections, it becomes clear that Arroyo and her allies are pursuing what they called “Plan B” for Cha-cha, which may prove to be in sync with Arroyo’s plan to run for a Congress seat.

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